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Salmon Fly Fishing

For your next guided fly fishing trip, our lodge provides access to some of the best salmon fly fishing in the world.  Our area offers great flyfishing for: red salmon, silver salmon, and even pink salmon. 


The best way to catch red Salmon is with fly and up to one million go directly past the lodge.  In June July and August, we arrange guided red salmon charters on the middle Kenai River in the upper Kenai River.  Both of these stretches flow through different parts of the Kenai national wildlife refuge.  Flyfishing for trout and Dolly Varden is also great in these areas.  For red salmon fishing, the kind of fly is not critical, the only important thing is that the fly flow with the current near the bottom.  Red salmon do not strike a fly, it is up to the angler to get the fly into the mouth of the fish swimming upstream, it does take great technique which must be learned.  Once again, you can use either fly fishing gear or spinning gear.


Red Salmon are as acrobatic as can get.  These fish which go up to a maximum of about fourteen pounds, routinely break 30 pound test.  Last July at the lodge, I hooked 100 of these amazing fishing in one evening in about two hours of fishing.  I only landed around 10 (I released most of them) and many times these fish just snapped my 30 pound test.  That is Reds fishing!  The next evening I hooked about 70.  I use a 10 wt. fly rod and a reel with heavy drag.  Even then, palming is absolutely necessary.  An 8 wt. rod is a good minimum.


In fall, flyfishing for silver salmon on the upper Kenai River can be very good.  This section of the Kenai River, the water is a little clearer which allows the silvers to see flies.  The most common flies to use are egg-sucking leeches or other egg patterns.  This is basically sight-casting in areas of slow water flow.


Every even year in August and September, there is a huge run of several million pink Salmon.  Pink Salmon are not as discerning as other species and readily strike flies.  Even the most jaded fly fishermen would have no difficulty catching pink Salmon.


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