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Rainbow Trout Fishing - Fly Fishing Trips

The Kenai River provides some of the most exciting rainbow trout fly-fishing in Alaska.  Throughout the year, Alaska’s Kenai River fly fishing produces trophy rainbow trout (footballs as we call them) and Dolly Varden for anglers of any skill level.  Fly-fishing on Alaska's Kenai river has yielded Rainbow trout of up to 21 pounds.  More typical is in the 2 lb. to 6 lb. variety; however, rainbow trout of up to 10 pounds are not uncommon.  In Alaska, many locals love fly fishing for rainbow trout.  I recently caught a 30 inch rainbow after only a few minutes fly fishing.  Rainbow trout of up to 13 pounds have been caught fly-fishing right at our lodge, Soldotna B&B Lodge and Alaska Fishing Charters.  However, more productive fly fishing for rainbow trout is available on our charters to either the upper Kenai or the middle Kenai.

For those of you whom are not avid fly fishing people, DON'T FEAR.  You need not be a fly fisher to catch these beauties.  They will also take flies presented using spinning tackle.  The fishing is equally as good using fly fishing gear or spinning tackle.  The most popular flies are wet flies: either "flesh" or "egg" patterns or a combination of both.  Something in the range of a 6 wt. rod is what most people use.

Once again, in addition to the spectacular trout fishing, you will also get to enjoy some of Alaska's pristine wilderness.  Both the upper Kenai and middle Kenai are part of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.  Therefore, wildlife viewing opportunities and beautiful wilderness abound.

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