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Alaska King Salmon Fishing - Kenai River, Kasilof River, Saltwater Trolling

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King Salmon Fishing

King salmon fishing on the Kenai River, the king salmon don't get any bigger and fishing doesn't get any better!  Soldotna B&B Lodge and Alaska Fishing Charters can be your next destination for a king, red, or silver salmon fishing tour or vacation.  Soldotna B&B Lodge and Alaska Fishing Charters is located directly on the Kenai River.  Our lodge has over 300 feet of private River frontage with a private dock for launching our King salmon fishing tours.  We also offer King, red, and silver salmon fishing tours in drift boats on the Kasilof River. King, red, silver salmon fishing tours can last from 6 hours to 12 hours long.  As part of all of our tours, Soldotna B&B Lodge and Alaska Fishing Charters provides only professional, experienced guides.  All bait and tackle is included.  Also, filleting, vacuum packing, and freezing of your salmon caught on your tour is also included.  Soldotna B&B Lodge and Alaska Fishing Charters also includes complementary use of rain gear and hip boots as necessary for our tours.

There are several techniques used to catch king salmon and most guides specialize in one method but will often use more than one technique if necessary.  The three most popular techniques are: back-bouncing (basically, bottom fishing) hooks baited with either King salmon eggs, back-trolling banana shaped plugs (Qwikfish) baited with herring or without, and back-trolling Spin-n-Glo lures (basically, a propeller which spins in the current connected to a hook) baited with King salmon eggs. The technique not only depends upon the guide, it also depends upon: water conditions, tidal conditions, location on the River, time of day, etc.

Although fly-fishing is also an option for King salmon, neither the Kenai nor the Kasilof are the best places to do so.  It is best to have clear water for this option.


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