Canoing in Alaska

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Just a short distance from the Soldotna Bed & Breakfast is Alaskas' premier canoeing trails. These are the Swan Lake and the Swanson River canoe trails.  Steven and Monika have taken tours through these trails.
The Swan Lake canoe trail encompasses up to 30 lakes and 33 miles of river. The Swanson River canoe trail ancompasses up to 40 lakes and 46 miles of river.

But, don't be intimidated by their size, they are equally beautiful for a one day or one week outing. And..... fishing and wildlife viewing are both spectacular.

enjoying a break on Camp Island Lake on the Swan Lake Canoe Trails
catching dinner ? on these Canoe Trails, it is no problem

We can arrange guided trips or provide recommendations for unguided outings.

between Marten and Spruce Lakes on the Swan Lake Canoe TrailsĀ 




wpe66.jpg (4490 bytes)We highly recommend for unguided tours the purchase of the book: "The Kenai Canoe Trails" by Daniel L. Quick. Northlite Publishing Company. The book has in great detail:  maps, a description of campsites, lake descriptions, fishing information (what fish are in what lakes and how to catch them) and wildlife viewing information. Visit their website at

Click here to see maps of these canoeing trails.

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